Healia @ Work

our mission

Our mission is to care for patients,
families, communities, and one another

Healia @ Work

Wellness Partner across Hire to Retire lifecycle for employers

The Healia@Work service currently available in India and the US enables companies to onboard their employees and their families and help them remote co-monitor their health alongside the designated physician/ specialist and the nurse. Telemedicine consultations on demand, visits by nurse, doctor when needed, visits by health coaches/ therapists as needed, collection of blood samples from home, etc.

Services can be enabled at a finger touch by the employee on demand. Benefits from these services can be summarized as herein:

  • Satisfied Employees = Customer Excellence
  • Increased productivity through proactive care
  • Enhanced employee health with data as basis
  • Decreased absenteeism through proactive acre
  • Optimized Claim to Premium resulting in Lower insurance cost
  • Employee first disposition of company as caretaker of employee health

  • For more details, please email us at hello@healiadigital.com