Health 360

The Healia provides comprehensive health services with 360-degree approach to user health. Users will have access to multiple adjacent services like nutrition/diet plans, wellness services like yoga, music therapy & mental wellness counseling

Analytics & AI Leveraged

Using advanced AI algorithms, The Healia analyses user data collected and provides risk profiling to predict potential future health issues. The Healia suggests interventions to proactively mitigate associated risks and look at holistic health of the individual.

The Healia - Connected Health application is an intelligent health platform providing digital health through telemedicine/remote monitoring. The product facilitates Lab & Imaging investigations, Pharmacy delivery and scheduled hospital visits on priority through a preferred network across a country.

Digital Health Wallet

The Healia platform enables an individual and doctor to have sustained engagement through a proactive wellness cycle. Solution features include:

  • Biometric security
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant
  • Consent based data sharing
  • Finger touch access to Data
  • Blockchain-powered data security
  • Endpoint & Ransomware Security in Roadmap
  • Repository of user and family health data

Sustained Patient Engagement

The Healia platform enables an individual and doctor to have sustained engagement through a proactive wellness cycle. Solution features include:

  • Patient Education Videos
  • Superior patient experience
  • Ease of access in an emergency
  • Care oriented provider/ healthcare team
  • Data at fingertips & data-driven diagnosis
  • Connect & talk with your trusted team of doctors
  • Scheduled in-person and video consultations with minimized wait times

Provider / Doctors

The solution has a separate mobile application for providers/doctors to engage with their patients through telemedicine or in-person visits and enable a fully digitized practice with proactive care orientation

Digitized Healthcare Practice Continuum of care with 360 deg patient view TeleHealth Module Lab/Radiology/Pharmacy integrations Integrated Remote Patient Monitoring E-Visits, in-Person scheduling of appointments Enables targeted care esp. for Hypertension, Diabetes, COPD, other diseases Enables Titrated/ Precision Medication Automated follow up with patients Collaboration with core medical team Configurable Workflows

Remote PatientMonitoring

The Healia platform enables remote patient monitoring wherein real-time data from devices is transmitted to the platform. Highlights include:

  • Connected devices push real-time vitals into CHIP
  • Any anomalies in data are flagged immediately to the user and doctor
  • Share real-time data with your Doctor Blood pressure, Glucose, SPO2, Weight, Temperature monitoring apart from other vitals

Symptom Checker

An integrated BOT based symptom checker for multiple symptoms including anxiety and enables a quick digital triage for effective care. Covid 19 symptom checker also integrated. Benefits include:

  • Intelligence derived Anxiety cues
  • Integrated Covid symptoms checker
  • AI powered digital triage of multiple symptoms
  • Self-assessment to help triage early symptoms and share with Doctor

AI-Driven Pathways

Built-in AI enables decision support for doctors and smart information to users

  • Predictive scenarios
  • Smarter decision support
  • Health conditions analytics
  • Data based smart alerts and notifications

Healthcare Standards

The solution offers superior security on data and includes biometric access and blockchain centric security features. Given the intense cyber-attacks happening across the world, cutting edge ransomware/ endpoint encryption technology is being integrated with the platform.

Digital Experience across
the wellness continuum

All users – corporate or individual will have the benefit of a fully Healia digital platform. Digital benefits include:

  • Digital scheduling
  • On-Demand Telehealth
  • Digital Prescriptions
  • Automated Lab/Radiology/ Pharmacy
  • Automated recordings of doctor visits
  • ML-driven reminders and proactive checks
  • Validated vaccine reports (esp. Covid)
  • Remote Monitoring – Near & Dear

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